Custom Dress Experience

When you choose to have a custom Wedding Gown made you will soon see how special the entire process is. When having a Custom dress made, the process is a little different than your average "Buying the Wedding Dress Experience." Instead of buying a dress off a rack,  both the bride and the designer will collaborate together to ensure that your dream dress is created and your vision is executed.

The Process

The Experience begins with an intimate meeting with the designer.  This is a chance for you to share your ideas, thoughts, needs and overall vision.  Once Kaitlyn gets a feeling for what your vision is, she will then begin to sketch.  There will be a series of sketches that will be designed just for you.  Once the design is chosen ( usually after a few tweaks)  we can begin! Fabrics will be selected from only the most luxurious silks and laces. After fabric selection we will begin the fitting process.  Depending on the Bride and the complexity of the dress, fittings could be anywhere from 2-6 fittings.

During this process, the bride can be as much or as little involved as she would like.  I think of this as a partnership every step of the way. My goal is to make your dream dress a reality.  I am passionate about making this experience memorable and fun!  When else will you be able to say that your Wedding dress was designed and made specially for you?   


Each dress is 100% custom and unique to each Bride, Therefore the cost will vary from dress to dress.